Dotacja na kapitał obrotowy


Years of experience in the clothing services market, expertise and dynamic technological development are the factors that have enabled us to achieve the desired compromise between the Polish tradition of tailoring and innovative production techniques.

Our priority is perfection manifested at every stage of the production cycle. Therefore, our departments are equipped with the most innovative sewing machines of: Juki, Pffaf and Dürkopp leading brands. In the design office we work using GERBER Technology systems. In addition, we have a modern and extensive line of ironing of Brisay brand jackets.

GERBER AccuNest system implemented in the production preparation department, allows for:

  • an automatic execution of the cut,
  • maximum utilization of available surface of the fabric,
  • saving of materials (even by 3-4% compared to traditional methods of creation of the cut).

As part of development works, we equipped the cutting room with two of the most modern equipment for automatic cutting of fabric - Gerber Cutter GtxL. This technology:

  • guarantees the highest quality of the cut at a relatively lower consumption of materials,
  • it reduces the cutting time.

The dynamic development of technology supported by a team of skilled employees make our company a worthy business partner, providing the most optimum solutions in the field of tailoring services.