Dotacja na kapitał obrotowy

Corporate clothes

Creating a professional business image based on visual communication is now one of the priorities of the marketing and PR activities, often generating to enterprises greater promotional benefits than advertising in the traditional media.

Professional business attire is elegance with the necessary functionality that affects the creation of a positive image of the company by means of, among others,:

  • effectively increasing own visibility in the market,
  • symbolizing its idea together with the most important values,
  • guarantee of compliance with the highest standards of the broadly defined Customer service.

At the same time the corporate clothing impacts within the company via, among others,:

  • an effective integration of the team of employees,
  • engendering among employees their sense of belonging to the organization,
  • increasing employee loyalty to the employer.

We offer a comprehensive manufacturing process for the corporate clothing, within which we focus our particular attention on the individual character of each order. With modern-featured production plant, we execute the orders based on your finished projects and develop them from scratch.

We develop our concepts, proceeding them by a thorough analysis of the company so that the design of clothing with the necessary details (including samples of the suggested fabrics, test patterns) consistently tie in with the brand image.